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Updated: 19-Nov-2003
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CSHD Breast and Cervical Cancer Program

The program's Goals

A high percentage of Virginia's poor, elderly and minority women lack access to early detection services. These women are the primary audience of our program. Our goal is to increase access to screening for women age 50 and older, especially those in minority and low-income groups.

Laying the Groundwork

In 1995, BCCEDP project coordinators completed a needs assessment involving 101 communities across Virginia . The data collected rendered a picture of the breast and cervical cancer detection and education resources available and the health behaviors practiced by women in each locality. Collectively the data produced a profile of the Commonwealth that was used to develop an operational plan submitted to the Centers for Disease Control. The application was successful and the Virginia Department of Health began Every Woman's Life - a breast and cervical cancer screening program. The Central Shenandoah Health District partners with VaLiance Health to bring Every Woman's Life to women in the Shenandoah Valley .

Health Professional Benefit Too

While the program is geared to improve the peace of mind and quality of life for its primary audience, Virginia's health care community also reaps substantial satisfaction from its involvement in the effort. For example, the program:

  • Unifies Virginia's health care professionals in a massive attack on two vicious health threats.
  • Provides physicians with a low-cost referral option for their high-risk patients.
  • Affords physicians another opportunity to detect two life-threatening cancers in their early stages.
  • Increases the volume of patients to be screened thus making full use of costly diagnostic equipment.

Significant Public Health Problems

    There's no question that breast and cervical cancers are significant public health problems in Virginia.

  • During 2001 an estimated  40,200 American women will die of Breast Cancer and 192,000 will be diagnosed        
  • 4,200+ diagnoses and 1,100+ deaths in Virginia
  •  In Virginia breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among women under age 65

These Deaths can be Reduced

These are frustrating statistics, especially in the light of technological advances in mammography and cervical cytology.


    • Breast cancer mortality can be reduced by up to 40% among women age 50 and older by mammograms and clinical breast exams
    • A mammogram is the single most effective method of detecting breast cancer in its earliest stages.
    • A mammogram can detect cancer an average of two years before a women can feel the lump herself.
    • Cervical cancer deaths have fallen 75% in the U.S. since the Pap test was introduced in the 1950s.

Digital Interventions for Health Education and Outreach

As we continue our battle against breast and cervical cancer, it's imperative that we adopt innovative strategies to connect with our primary audience. In today's digital age, one such method that has seen an uptick in popularity is the world of online casinos for real money. These platforms are frequented by a broad spectrum of individuals, including those in the demographic groups we aim to reach.

Leveraging Online Platforms for Awareness

Consider the potential of partnering with real money online casinos to spread awareness about our program and the importance of early detection. Such platforms could serve as conduits for disseminating vital health information, utilizing their broad reach to promote our cause. For instance, during gameplay or at the time of winnings payout, players could be presented with pop-up messages or digital brochures highlighting the importance of regular mammograms and Pap tests. The casino could even offer incentives such as bonus play or match deposits for users who engage with this health-focused content.

Funding Opportunities and Community Engagement

Moreover, these online casinos could also be encouraged to donate a part of their proceeds to our program, providing additional funding to improve and expand our services. Players, in turn, would appreciate that their engagement with the platform is contributing to a crucial cause. This unique fusion of entertainment and health education holds promise as an effective method for reaching our target audience, raising awareness, and potentially saving lives. By staying adaptable and harnessing the power of popular digital platforms like real money online casinos, we can continue to fight breast and cervical cancer in Virginia more effectively.


The Central Shenandoah Health District works with Valiance Health, LLC to offer Every Woman's Life to women in Augusta , Bath , Highland , Rockingham, and Rockbridge counties and the cities of Staunton , Lexington , Waynesboro , Harrisonburg , and Buena Vista.


Breast Health Coalition of the Valley in Staunton-Augusta-Waynesboro an organization that meets quarterly to plan and present:   

FREE programs that raise awareness and educate the public about breast and cervical health and screening. Call 540-949-0137 ext 117 to schedule.

The Breast Health Coalition of Harrisonburg-Rockingham meets month to plan and present public education programs. The annual Fall FORUM features a guest speaker and a panel of local people affected by breast cancer.

For information about the Harrisonburg Coalition, call 540-332-7830 ext 58.


For More Information About Breast & Cervical Health

These links, plus many other sources provide valuable information about breast and cervical screening.

                                                           Every Woman's Life

A program of the Virginia Department of Health that seeks to enroll women for FREE breast and cervical examination and screening.

Eligibility Criteria     Services Offered
Virginia Resident, 50+ years old *  Free exam
No health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid  *  Free Mammogram, Pap Test
Household Income up to 200% FP Referral to BCCPTA if diagnosed with Cancer

For more information about Every Woman's Life in the Shenandoah Valley call Case Manager   540-332-7830  ext 58 . To find other programs across Virginia call Virginia Department of Health, Breast

And Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program -  804-786-7569 or

In partnership with WHSV-TV3, Harrisonburg , Virginia The Breast Health Coalition produces

"You & Me on 3". This program features information on breast health and is aired in the noon news segment on the Monday closest to the third of the month. In addition, viewers are encouraged to

choose a friend and agree to remind one another on the 3rd to have a breast exam, do a self breast exam and have a mammogram ��.routinely ! Throughout the month, TV-3 spokeswoman, Rachel DiPompa, reminds women how important early detection can be.



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