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Updated: 19-Nov-2003
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Environmental Health


Food Establishments
We protect public health by permitting and inspecting at least once a year establishments such as restaurants, school and hospital cafeterias, caterers, and temporary event vendors such as booths at public fairs to insure that food is prepared and maintained safely to prevent food-borne illnesses. We investigate reports of food illnesses, working with businesses and citizens to educate and correct deficiencies.

For Regulations and Policies affecting Food Establishments, please visit the Division of Food and General Environmental Health Services web site.

To view Food Establishment Inspections click on the following link:

Applications & Charges - Coming Soon

Sewage & Water
To protect surface and ground water and insure safe drinking water, we permit private wells and sewage systems. We monitor testing of public water supplies. We investigate reports of raw sewage or other reports of ground water contamination.

Construction permits for well and sewage disposal systems are valid for 18 months. If you don't plan to build within that timeframe or want to find out if land is suitable for a drainfield prior to purchase, we recommend hiring a private soil consultant.

Shock Disinfection of a New or Existing Drilled Well

For Regulations, Policies, and information about the AOSE program, we recommend that you visit the Division of Onsite Sewage and Water Services web site.  The address for the site is:

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