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Updated: 19-Nov-2003
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Car Safety Seat Program


Program's Mission

To reduce unnecessary and preventable motor vehicle injuries and fatalities
to infants and children through increased education and distribution of
free child safety seats to as many low-income residents of Virginia as
funding permits.

Car Safety Seat Funding

Purchase of the child safety seats is made available through the Child
Restraint Device Special Fund. Civil penalties, amounting to 50 dollars,
are collected from violators of 46.2-1095 section A, of Virginia Law
Codes. Civil penalties, amounting to 25 dollars, are collected from
violators of 46.2-1095 section B, and credited to this Fund.

Car Safety Seat Facts

Too many children die each year in motor vehicle crashes. Many of these
deaths are preventable. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of
death for children under the age of 14.

Deaths are only the tip of the iceberg. There are many more injuries than
deaths every year. Some injuries are extremely serious and have lifelong
consequences. For every injury-related death there are 45 children
hospitalized, and many more treated in emergency rooms or doctor's offices.

In Virginia, 8 out of 10 safety seats are incorrectly installed. Through
this program of education, hands-on demonstration and checking the
installation of the seat it is hoped that this number can be dramatically

Qualifying for the Car Safety Seat Program

To qualify for a safety seat you must be a resident of Virginia, be in the
last trimester of pregnancy or have a child under the age of 12 months and
have Medicaid or be Medicaid eligible.   You must be the parent, foster parent,
or legal guardian of the child.  You must attend the safety seat installation and
use educational session.  Lastly you must sign a release of waiver form.  There
is a limit of one safety seat per child.

Where can I get an application?

Applications for safety seats can be obtained from any of the Health
within the Central Shenandoah Health District.

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