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3 April 2000

  1. Mike Beier, Buena Vista
  2. "It makes it easier for your kids to believe you when you say, "I love you."

  3. Kristy Woollum, Harrisonburg
  4. "Because divorce feels like a punishment for kids when they didn't break any rules at all."

  5. William H. Woolston, Buena Vista
  6. "Because then kids never have to know the meaning of joint custody."

  7. Nate Hill, Augusta County
  8. "I get to have mom and dad tuck me in at night for bed"

  9. Michele Lineberry, Buena Vista
  10. "Parents are the bricks that make a house a home"

  11. M. Diane Williams, Waynesboro
  12. "To be able to teach our children, that we are not quitters, that there is not back door, and we can work through even the big problems. We will make it."

  13. Margee Greenfield, Harrisonburg
  14. "It greatly reduces the number of times that the sad words, "if only" appear in your vocabulary."

  15. Jordan Coiner, Waynesboro
  16. "Your family is what your future family will be based on. If kids see how a loving family gets along, their family is more likely to succeed."

  17. Rikki Bohan, Harrisonburg
  18. "Because eating ice cream with Mom and Dad tastes twice as good!"

  19. Jane McHugh, Harrisonburg

"Two words: positive example"